Jericho agro-industrial city embraces the events signed an agreement to expand the road link between the industrial city of Jericho and the city ceremony

02/08/2016 Jericho and the Palestinian government signed with the Japanese counterpart, the United Nations Development Programme, on Monday signed an agreement to expand the road to Jericho agro-industrial city, in order to facilitate the process of export products, the movement of investment in them.
The agreement was signed in the administrative building of the industrial city, are: Minister of National Economy, Head of Industrial Property Authority Abeer Odeh, and the Ambassador of Japan to the Palestine Takeshi Okubo, the representative of the United Nations Development Programme Nargis Sidani, and HE Dr. Ali Shaath, CEO of the industrial cities, and the mayor Jericho Mohammed Gelaath, under the auspices of Secretary of the Executive Committee of the PLO, Saeb Erekat, and the Governor of Jericho and the Jordan Valley Majid Vtiyanj, and the Minister of local government Hussein Araj, and vice president of the developer of the industrial city Munif Atrih, and representatives from the public and private sectors.
At the outset of the ceremony, HE Dr. Ali Shaath, chief executive of Saudi Industrial Property Authority welcomed the attendees Karim, who said in turn the need to unite all local and international efforts to ensure the success of the project areas and industrial Palestinian cities, where stressed the quality of these projects and their contribution to moving the wheel of the Palestinian economy as well as sector development industry and organization, as it will contribute to providing employment opportunities for Palestinian youth and reduce unemployment, and also pointed out that this kind of national projects will contribute to raising the quality and improve the competitive advantage of Palestinian products in domestic and international markets.
Erekat said President Mahmoud Abbas early next week will be an important visit to Japan, in the framework of strengthening political and economic cooperation, and so as to mobilize support for the Palestinian cause at various levels.
He added, “We will go soon to the Security Council to vote on the settlement resolution, Japan will be an important player in this matter, and we are counting them out of their positions in support of the Palestinian cause, noting that” ideas do not kill shot “, and the defeat of terrorism will be a victory for the Palestinian cause and the establishment of a Palestinian state, this is the key to security and stability in the Middle East.
Erekat said, “We’re going for the future more accurately towards the Palestine of geography tools, especially as we establish a state based on accountability and transparency, and the development of a genuine private sector, which is the focal point of this state.”
He added: Whenever we have established the pillars of a future Palestine, the more we can convince the world that there should be Palestine on the world map.
Erekat expressed deep thanks and appreciation for Japan, which has spent nearly $ 95 million to establish such a strategic project, which is part of the vision of peace Corridor Initiative, expressing his hope that these industrial Civil provide about seven thousand jobs.
In turn, the minister said the return of “Today we signed an agreement to expand the road between agricultural and industrial city of Jericho and the city of Jericho, which will serve the Jericho agro-industrial zone and fed, plus they will be part of the street that will connect the agro-industrial city street 90, which facilitates input and output of goods process and from the industrial city in the future.
She added that investment in the Palestinian Industrial Estates, will put investors in close proximity to suppliers and customers throughout the Middle East, Europe and Africa, noting that the government has worked on the development of the General Authority for Industrial Cities and Industrial Free Zones and Investment Authority to encourage, in particular laws, in order to interest of investors put and rights at the forefront of its priorities, in terms of these laws include a set of incentives Kaafaouat income tax; exemptions and fixed assets, and other infrastructure, incentives and access to regional and international markets.
She stressed the return that the implementation of the industrial city revived hope in the hearts of the Palestinian youth who are looking for jobs being able to live in dignity, especially as the project provided currently about 600 jobs, and will provide at least five thousand chance directly and indirectly, after the completion of all stages.
In turn, Ambassador Okubo said that Mr. President will discuss in his upcoming visit to Japan, many of the issues related to the development of economic, industrial and agricultural cooperation, thus contributing to the establishment of the State of Palestine.
The ambassador added that the signing today to expand the road of industrial civil $ 350 thousand, an important step for the development of the Palestinian private sector, export development to the outside, and towards prosperity, making it possible to establish the state of Palestine viable.
He expressed his appreciation to all the parties which has made great efforts to implement this vital project, noting that the expansion of road linking the industrial city, will facilitate the transport of goods to and from the region process, and will play an important role in facilitating the movement of various levels.
He said that Japan is a project of agricultural and industrial city of Jericho, essential to the peace initiative corridor, which aims to develop strong and solid economic base in Palestine.
And it showed the United Nations Development Programme representative Sidani, that the Convention has in collaboration with the Municipality of Jericho to expand and develop the street (Mahmoud Darwish) connecting to the agro-industrial civil, and the removal of high pressure columns, which are made in cooperation between the United Nations program and the fellowship of the Holy electricity.
For his part, Mayor Gelaath, the importance of agro-industrial project in the city support the steadfastness of the Palestinian farmer in Jericho and the Jordan Valley province, under the policies and actions of the Israeli occupation aimed at the seizure of the land and the expulsion of farm land.
Gelaath stressed the importance of this project is to develop job opportunities for graduates, and he called for the allocation of supportive programs and support for young people.

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