Jericho agro-industrial city receives the Prime Minister Dr. Rami Praise

Jericho – Jericho received industrial and agricultural city of the Prime Minister Dr. Rami Hamdallah and his accompanying delegation, where he was at the head of Future HE Ms. Abeer return – Minister of National Economy and head of Board of Directors of Industrial Property Authority and the Minister Alazraah d. Sufian Sultan and His Excellency Dr. Ali Shaath, Chief Executive Officer of the Authority and HE Eng. Nabil Sarraf chairman of the company developed industrial city management and Maged Fityani governor of Jericho and the Jordan Valley and Eng. Nidal Abu Levi, director general Braekwoaleng Khaled company currency director of the industrial city operations and Mr. Ali Erekat, general manager of the developer, as the visit began under the auspices of the signing of the construction of the second phase of the facilities agreement ceremony prefabricated on 21,700 meters of industrial space Mrbaboaqa 12 facility where she signed this agreement between the developer of the city of Jericho, industrial and agricultural company Alamaanyyalardnah, was followed by a round of exploratory state and HE Dr. Saeb Erekat and His Excellency the Governor of the Monetary Authority Azzam Shawa and Japanese Ambassador Mr. Takeshi Okubo on factories, which began operation where he inspected a factory Baloulia herbal extracts and plant FM H for plastic packaging who initiated the production for more than three months, and was also visiting the factories under construction factory Rihanna for the manufacture of vegetables and food and plant Hawamdeh for bottled mineral water factory Choice health paper scented factory Palestinian “Saba,” soaps house and factory Bieber pal health of the paper, has Jhdavlath message from the land of the industrial city to Japan friend grateful for its generous support in building a strong and independent Palestinian economy Msttrda that this industrial city is inherent part of Japan’s former Prime Minister, Mr. Koichiro Koizumi’s initiative to build peace and prosperity corridor 2006.hat invested in Japan to date in Jericho and the Jordan Valley in excess of eighty million dollars since the launch of this precious development initiative

State also noted the need to speed up the opening of the private road in the industrial city link crossing the King Hussein to facilitate the import and export projects of industrial cities, especially since the number of investors who wish to invest in the first phase of the industrial city, which lies on an area of 140 acres incomplete processing infrastructure to international standards has become more than 40 contracts, highly praising Japan’s role in the initiative to fund this project and the creation of a private logistics zone within the industrial city, on the grounds that the industrial city of Jericho is a logistics center dedicated to all the other industrial cities, and the gate of the export especially to Arab countries and the world in general.
At the end of the tour issued their own instructions for all ministries and state institutions to facilitate and to facilitate investment to the city of Jericho, industrial and agricultural measures fulfillment of the mandate of industrial cities Law No. 10 of 1998, stressing the need to provide every support for the economic development projects par excellence, to encourage investment and the fight against unemployment and support small and medium industries the achievement of the national strategy for the development of the size of exports was. He stressed that the state government will work on the implementation of the single window investment in the agro-industrial city of Jericho as a pilot in Palestine. Stressing the significant role played by human resources qualified and trained in the form of industrial cities in achieving the government’s program and vision, Mr. President, in the gradual transition to the industrial sector producer and exporter.

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