Minister of National Economy Abeer return during a workshop organized by the Industrial Property Authority: We will support the development of investments in the industrial and agricultural city of Jericho

Ramallah 08/02/2016 The Minister of National Economy Abeer return on Monday, the Palestinian government represented by the Ministry of National Economy and the Saudi Industrial Property Authority, “has not and will spare no effort to provide a possible business environment and attracting investment, where he will work hard to provide all the facilities needed to support and incentives and the development of investments in the industrial and agricultural city of Jericho. ”
This came during the opening of a workshop (oss) on “Environmental Management Plan and the Ministry of Health licenses and certificates Investment Promotion Board.”
And showed the minister during the workshop, which was attended by Japanese Ambassador Takeshi Okubo and HE Dr. Ali Shaath, chief executive of the body as well as representatives of relevant government institutions and the existence of a number of businessmen and investors in the industrial cities specifically agro-industrial city of Jericho, said the industrial estates and industrial free zones, is one of the main strategies used by the Palestinian government as a driving force to attract investment, in order to revive and develop the Palestinian economy, also it is a major source of employment generation and technology transfer.
The minister expressed her thanks and appreciation to all Palestinian ministries and institutions that work with the crews of the Authority, praising the “consciously investors who were on the degree of responsibility and sufficient awareness, the importance of the industrial their facilities be licensed industrial facilities, safe and environmentally friendly.”
In turn, the Japanese Ambassador stressed that the activities undertaken by the Industrial Property Authority in cooperation with the Japanese International Cooperation Agency through the single window investment program, assists investors in obtaining all the necessary licenses for the operation of industrial plants and permissions.
The Japanese ambassador expressed his happiness about the Japanese government’s historic visit by President Mahmoud Abbas to Japan.
HE Dr. Ali Shaath also pointed out the quality of training programs and seminars work that work on implementation Industrial Property Authority in cooperation with the Japanese International Cooperation Agency and through the business development of the body center, plus it stressed that this type of program is held periodically to improve the nature of investments in industrial areas, and also thanked the presence of the cream on their efforts to ensure the success of these events and continuity.
The workshop aims to clarify a number of issues relating to certain licenses, such as environmental permits, and environmental impact assessment for any industrial facility, consistent with the vision of the existing industrial cities authority to establish industrial cities clean, safe and environmentally friendly.
This workshop is also known as the subject of licenses issued by the Ministry of Health which licenses relating to food and pharmaceutical products and dietary supplements, in terms of the necessary licenses and registration procedures at the Ministry of Health for projects related.
And it provides investment promotion body an expanded idea of the investment incentives provided to investors Palestinians and according to the law to encourage investment rate for 2014, which includes tax cuts, depending on the segments described above the law.
A representative of the company, “a thousand Aanerjee” About their project primarily in the agro-industrial city of Jericho as a branch of the parent company in the UAE, and the company aims to create systems to help save water and energy.
This has the minister return of a field trip to the factories in Jericho agro-industrial city, and briefed on the progress of work in these factories and production capacity, and labor provided by these plants at the beginning of production, which, emphasizing the efforts made by the Palestinian government to provide more investor-friendly incentives.
During lose factory Baloulia herbal extracts and nutritional supplements from the olive leaf in Jericho agro-industrial city, between Haitham Kayali, CEO and founder of the plant, that “Baloulia” is the first of its kind in the Middle East factory to produce the extract, olive leaf, and the production process began to be then distribution the product in the local market within a few weeks, where the plant produces two products, one dietary supplement and the second extract powder, olive leaf, which is used in cosmetic products.
Kayali stressed that studies have shown that olive leaf contains important minerals and materials effectively enhance the immune system in humans and prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer and many other diseases.
He expressed his deep thanks and appreciation for the efforts of the Ministry of National Economy and the Saudi Industrial Property Authority to support and encourage economic initiatives, also thanked the Japanese government for its contribution to the construction of a factory “Baloulia” continued support support to enable the agro-industrial city of Jericho to provide the necessary infrastructure, facilities and services for the success of investment projects.

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