About PRIDE:

The PA has established Partnership for Regional Investment, Development & Employment program “PRIDE “ to award financial incentives to JAIP tenants with a full support of the Japanese government who agreed to provide technical cooperation for PRIDE. PRIDE aims to contribute in the strengthening of the Palestinian industry, particularly agricultural related industry, Such incentive will enable JAIP tenants to make access to new markets, by introducing new advanced facility; to respond to a larger demand by improving quality and decreasing cost.

Enabling Business:

PRIDE is a program within the Palestinian Industrial Estate and Free Zone Agency (PIEFZA) aiming to develop the Jericho Agro-Industrial Park by helping to achieve rapid economic growth and employment opportunities by supporting tenants who will invest in JAIP, through:

Access to finance; tenants can be supported by PRIDE program up o 50% (Maximum USD 500,000) of the equipment and building cost.
Access to international Market.
Enhance public and private partnership.

PRIDE Grant:

PRIDE will guide, assist and appraise the applications received from potential beneficiaries; Eligible beneficiaries will receive capital grants that will cover up to 50% of their equipment and/or building material purchased by the beneficiary. Such grant will help these beneficiaries to:

To improve and/or develop performance and productivity.
To generate employment opportunities.
To develop a sustainable economic activities.
To improve feasibility and reduce risk.
To introduce new products/technologies to meet market demands.

Grant Selection Criteria:

In order to be eligible for this grant assistance from PRIDE, the applicants must meet all the following requirements:

Applicants need to submit LOI to developer.
Must be fully licensed and registered in accordance with Palestinian laws.
Must be able to generate new employment opportunities
Must submit Environmental Impact Assessment in accordance with the Palestinian law
Must be able to demonstrate that they are creditworthy and have prior operating experience.
To Improve investment conditions
To improve feasibility and reduce risk.

Apply mechanism:

Dear Investor,

Thank you for your interest in Partnership for Regional Investment, Development & Employment program “PRIDE “.

Steps to apply for the grant:

1. Identity cards copy for all company’s owners and/or shareholders.

2. Submit interest letter to the developer (JAIP co.)

3. Signing of a memorandum of understanding with the developer (JAIP co.)

4. Filling the initial application for the grant through the developer (JAIP co.) or through Palestinian Industrial Estates and Free Zones Authority (PIEFZA) attached with the entire previous requirement

For more information about the PRIDE Grant please check the PRIDE Manual and Procedures Flow

Developer Address:



Contact no: 00972-2-2986505

PIEFZA Address:


Contact no.: 00972-2-2960355