Location: JAIP is located on 615 donum area, in the south side of Jericho’s border from Al-Nabi Mousa Land, Al-Seeh area.

Overview: Jericho Agro Industrial Park (JAIP) is a part of the Japanese government’s initiative, “ the Corridor for Peace and Prosperity”: it is one of the most important projects in Jericho and Jordan valley province which aims to revive Palestinian valleys areas that are threatened of confiscation and settlement and thus JAIP will be an important model in developing economic projects and a success story of continuous support of all involved parties.

Goals:  JAIP aims to create an attractive investment environment, and to organize the agro-industrial sector from being random to be structured and legal, in addition to generate  5,000 direct or indirect employment opportunities.

In addition JAIP will  attract local and foreign investments related to agricultural industries in order to develop the agricultural sector in the province and to encourage farmers to increase their crops by absorbing the surplus in the industrial park factories.

Target industries: any agri-businesses and business people working in the field of agri-businesses.


Water Tank:

A water pipe has been established from the municipality’s network  to the industrial park (**km) and a tank with a capacity of 500 cubic meters has been established as well.

Waste Water:

Treatment plant for JAIP has been built by Japanese fund. adding to this, water catch basins, a pumping station and a waste water transfer line from the collection area in the industrial park to the treatment plant will be constructed.

Administration building:

The building is constructed on the 1,000 square meter width land by Japanese fund; it includes offices for PIEFZA and the developer, halls, cafeteria and financial offices to serve for the industrial park.

Access road:

The access road (4km) between the industrial park and city center has been constructed and a byway (1,300 meters) leading to the road 90 will be constructed to facilitate transportation and movement  in and out of the industrial park.


A station for distributing and controlling electricity was constructed to serve for the project. a feed line (3km) will be connected to provide the park with capacity of 3 megawatt and two converters with capacity of 30 megawatt will be founded to serve the park; these converters will be connected with the main station through the internal rooms for electricity transformers which are prepared by the developer to supply the industrial facilities and the others in the industrial park.

Electricity main station

The internal rooms for electricity transformers


Metal buildings with area of 8,000 square meters have been constructed to be rent by the investors.