One Stop service  (OSS) in PIEFZA provides  a comprehensive support to the tenants in the Industrial parks. It acts as a bridge between the tenants, and the governmental institutions, Ministries, and Other authorities, in order to help the tenants to start and operate their projects smoothly with hassle free procedures for licensing and registrations, according to PIEFZA law#10/ 1998.

The OSS provides the needed information, and clarification for the licensing and registration procedures in the Industrial Parks. Once the application forms and the required documents are submitted, PIEFZA will coordinate with all relevant  ministries and governmental  institutions to get the needed licenses and official registrations.

The investor can get the following licenses and registrations through the OSS :

1- Company Registration Certificate, Ministry Of National Economy (MONE).

2- Establishment License, Ministry Of National Economy (MONE).

3- Environmental Approval, Environmental Quality Authority (EQA).

4- Construction License, Palestinian Industrial Estate and Free Zone Area (PIEFZA).

5- Completion  Certificate for the Construction, Palestinian Industrial Estate and Free Zone Area (PIEFZA).

6- Operational License, Ministry Of National Economy (MONE).

7- Certification from Palestinian Investment Promotion Agency (PIPA).

8- Ministry of Health Licenses and Certificates, Ministry of Health ( MOH).